Luxor Technology Corporation

Luxor specializes in the physical delivery of hashrate (compute power). Over the past three years, we have been acting as a buyer of hashrate, purchasing, and mining over $45mm worth. We currently have 32,000 machines that sell us their hashrate daily and manage 1 EH of SHA-256 hashrate.

We fundamentally believe that compute power itself is a commodity and we want to build out traditional marketplaces and derivates for it.

We are building a spot-market for hashrate, similar to a compute-power version of Henry Hub. After this is completed, we will begin building incredibly powerful and interesting derivative products on the value of hashrate.

Our investors include Argo Blockchain (LON:ARB), DeFi Holdings (RM.V), Bitnomial, and a few more. 

We are a Seattle headquartered company with a remote team based in the US, Canada, Argentina, and the U.K.