We are creating an open source non-custodial wallet which dramatically simplifies the security and user-experience of interacting with smart contracts, defi protocols, NFTs, bridges, atomic-swaps, with support for (nearly) every chain out there.

Jun 23, 2022
Full time
$170,000 - $200,000 yearly
Slaz Remote (United States)
Head of Engineering Job Description           Who Are We – Next-Generation Open Source Wallet SDK  WalletD is an open-source SDK enabling developers to leverage the majority of blockchains and cryptocurrencies in a single easy-to-use library. Horizontally, we’ll be providing the best combination of usability, privacy, and security an open-source wallet ecosystem has ever seen.           Who Are You – # N ot Y our K eys Master We’re looking for an engineer’s engineer. Your experience in next-generation languages and impact on cryptocurrency stand the test of time.           Responsibilities   Set the direction for the WalletD SDK, share context by elaborating the “why”, and drive execution of projects while setting clear expectations.  Lead and coordinate the design of key abstractions to facilitate engineering progress and community inclusion   Guide teams to build and deliver high-quality products at...