RabbitX (formerly STRIPS)

Dec 07, 2022
Full time
$100,000 - $175,000 yearly
RabbitX (formerly STRIPS) Singapore
Here's how you'll be contributing: The team you'll be joining is the exchange backend team. It's a team made up of some of the most senior and experienced backend engineers. We've built the first version of the product for internal testing, and have over 60,000 people signed up for our waiting list. You will be working on our core backend infrastructure services and API services to ensure a highly performant and robust exchange infrastructure You will be working on implementing and testing new features that will enable the trading of complex financial derivatives Contribute to the speed optimisation and scaling of the exchange Our technologies: We are building a high performance microservice based product, with tarantool as a database at its core. Languages that we are using: Go, Lua. What we are building: We are building a ultra low-latency exchange with off-chain orderbook and on-chain settlement on Starknet (Zero Knowledge based scaling network on Ethereum)...