Staking Rewards

Dec 13, 2022
Full time
Staking Rewards Germany
The person we’re looking to work with An Engineer that values quality over quantity. Has a deep understanding of software design and how to apply design principles on different types of problems. Some call them well-rounded Engineers or 10x Engineers, we simply call them good Engineers.  Good Engineers can learn and adapt. They are creative and curious at all times.  This is what we’re looking for. You will work with familiar technologies, but you will also be expected to work with unfamiliar technologies, you will learn on the job, you will challenge yourself and the status quo. Most importantly, you will be proud of your work.  Nevertheless, we expect you have gained a good chuck of experience with different environments in your senior career so far and optimally worked in a React environment last so you can bring your A-game from day one. Engineering at Staking Rewards In two words, it’s comfortable chaos. Our systems are constantly changing, evolving and adapting as the...