QuickNode is the #1 Web3 infrastructure platform: nodes, APIs and tooling to help you build on 10+ of the world's most popular blockchains (incl. Ethereum, Solana, Terra & Binance).

It takes months to set up robust blockchain infrastructure and entire teams to manage it 24/7.

With QuickNode’s platform, any software engineer can integrate with blockchain at production scale in one day — and without talking to a sales rep or signing long-term contracts.

QuickNode is trusted by top web3 projects & companies, and currently serves more than 100 billion requests per month.

QuickNode is built by a team of hosting and distributed systems veterans, who have over 40 years combined experience in the field.

HQ: Miami + remote

Feb 24, 2022
Full time
$75,000 - $120,000 yearly
QuickNode Remote
As a Support Engineer, you will be working on everything from answering simple support requests from potential customers about our service to setting up a local proxy to debug outgoing Web3 requests. You will be responsible for ensuring that we provide resolutions to customers quickly and when that is not possible, translate customer hardships into actionable items for our developer team to fix. Our network is servicing more than 100 billion requests per month, so you will be crucial in debugging the core issues customers are having with the use of custom software, off-the-shelf tooling and more. You won’t be alone because we expect every engineer to spend at least one day on customer support to understand our customer better. We’re looking for a self-starter, who is communication focused with a deep sense of ownership and a team mentality to collaborate on achieving high quality customer experience. You can expect to meet on a daily basis to...