At Choice, we reinvented the retirement account to offer bitcoin, stocks, ETFs, physical gold and more all from a single account. 

Now we are on a mission to make sure everyone has a choice in how their hard earned savings are invested, and for us that includes making sure bitcoiners know they can hold bitcoin in their retirement account.

If working with a team focused on expanding access and awareness to the choices available to all retirement investors - not just the top investors - is appealing to you, let's talk about where you may fit on the team.

Choice Remote
May 28, 2021
Full time
In 2016, we became the first qualified custodian to offer custody for bitcoin and now we're on a mission to reinvent the retirement experience for the modern retiree, because everyone should have a choice in how their retirement dollars are invested. To that end, we launched Choice in 2020 and we’ve had an incredible reception since. Now, we're quickly growing and hiring on our digital team as we continue to expand the world of choices available to our users. A core part of our offering is giving our users the choice to trade digital assets and as an Exchange Relationship Managers you are critical to both the day to day management as well as the long-term expansion of our commercial and operational relationships with external exchanges. More specifically, Senior Digital Exchange Relationship Managers are responsible for reconciliation and balancing with the exchange to which they are assigned. This includes a responsibility for both the quality of and execution of all...