Founded in 2014, Bitt  is a small, multinational, fintech, startup providing blockchain-based digital currency solutions for Central Banks and other Financial Institutions. Our Mission is to create trustworthy digital currencies to promote financial empowerment, social inclusion and economic growth for nearly two billion unbanked people around the world. Bitt is an agile development shop, leveraging a variety of languages and a complete CI/CD pipeline to deliver a broad suite of mobile applications and cloud-deployed containerized software for our clients. We strongly believe in the principles of continuous improvement, collaboration and the best idea wins.  Primary languages include Kotlin, Swift, Go, Elixir, JavaScript and Python. In a world first achievement , Bitt designed, developed and is currently piloting a Central Bank Digital Currency in partnership with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank; learn more here

With a workforce dispersed across several territories across the world, Bitt prides itself on cultivating a highly productive remote work environment and diverse work culture. Our Leadership team and Advisory Board are examples of the Bitt's ethos working at its best.