Advanced Blockchain AG


Advanced Blockchain AG is a blockchain venture studio focused on promoting, building, and investing in breakthrough technologies.
We strive to offer the best possible products in every way.
In contrast to traditional startup incubators, we believe 100% in our company's investments and projects and will do everything in our power to ensure their success.We believe in perfecting every process and every facet in connection with our products, whereby no detail is too small.

Strategic investments: We invest in early stage companies and help them grow by providing technical and operational resources to support them. We act as lead investor in these first financing rounds and accelerate these companies to their series introduction.

Incubation: We identify innovative concepts and strong teams that are able to execute upon these transformative ideas. We then develop and build out the concept, team, and business model, and spin-out the company for its later independent development.

Ecosystem partnerships: Advanced Blockchain promotes its ecosystem by developing partnerships in the European Web 3.0 scene.