Lucky Shepherd

Lucky Shepherd is re-defining the way people interact with real estate. At all levels.

Our SaaS offerings span PropTech, FinTech, and Healthcare - via applications integrating blockchain, NLP / NLU, visual data processing, and machine learning.  Having successfully developed several hundred million in real estate assets, our portfolio now includes traditional real estate assets and NFTs alike.

We’re entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, cognitive specialists, data scientists, developers, and creative types – all with a shared understanding that the answer is always: Yes, it can be done.  The correct question is: What will it take?

Zoe   |   Artificial Intelligence. Human Soul.

Affectionately referred to as Zoe, our AI and deep learning work is seamlessly integrated into each of our real estate developments and software applications.

yiayia   |   Game-Changing Software.

Everything you need to run a thriving real estate asset. yiayia is easy to use and blazingly fast – helping all users in all departments perform brilliantly.

Fengari Markets   |   A New Market for a New World.

Real-time analytics, investing, borrowing, and lending on real estate, collectibles, debt, equities, and bonds. Investors of all qualification levels can participate in this social, digital marketplace blending NFTs, fungible tokens, and traditional assets alike.