Capsule Social, Inc.

At Capsule Social, Inc. we are building a platform for decentralized discourse. A place where writers, journalists, scientists, scholars, and researchers have full ownership and control over their works, and enjoy resilience from censorship and takedowns.

The company was founded by renowned cryptographer Nadim Kobeissi and is supported by great investors and technologists: Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Polychain Capital, Nic Carter, …

Capsule Social, Inc. Remote
Jun 01, 2021
Full time
Tasks As a backend engineer at Capsule, your days will be filled with all sorts of fascinating challenges, from building robust IPFS -based publishing solutions, to simplifying the complexities of blockchain, cryptography, and digital identity into usable and effective tools. It’s going to be difficult and intellectually challenging, which is what makes it fun. You’ll need to be a developer with a few years of relevant experience, a security mindset, a background in cryptography . This job is fully remote and highly adaptable to your work schedule, although we have a preference for developers that can work during the normal CET hours. Requirements Some years of professional software development experience JavaScript (ES6), Node.js, backend technologies & data structure experience, TypeScript is a plus Willingness to learn Web3 concepts, experience with IPFS, libp2p, and similar frameworks is a plus Strong understanding of engineering principles and...