Kollider is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform that's redesigning how traders access markets. We've built the world's first real-time settled derivative exchange using the Bitcoin Lightning Network, giving traders the ability to instantly open or close positions without exposing themselves to excess counterparty risk or hefty transaction fees. Built on user-experience first values, we're committed to improving the trading experience for all cryptocurrency traders.

Kollider Remote
Jul 21, 2021
Full time
Role In this role you’ll be working on improving overall performance and optimising order management, risk management, pricing, matching and settlement systems. You will also own parts of the stack, namely the APIs and be responsible for the design, development and maintenance of them. We expect this hire to grow with the company and our team and are looking for someone that is excited about building the future of finance and improving how financial markets are accessed. Responsibilities Improving our codebase (code re-use, more idiomatic and more performant) Owning parts of the stack (namely the APIs) Databases Scalability of microservices Required Skills Experience programming in a lower level programming language, i.e. Rust, C++, Java, Go Experience designing and building robust APIs (Rest, Websockets, GraphQL) Developing within a UNIX environment. Experience building scalable systems And Interest in DevOps and experience building and maintaining...