Radix DLT Ltd

We're a team of like-minded thinkers who have long been convinced that we're living in the earliest stages of a global financial revolution. This revolution is being fueled by decentralized finance (or DeFi for short), which is enabling an assortment of pioneering developers and entrepreneurs to re-invent almost every financial product that is currently traded and invested in traditional markets, without requiring central authorities or siloed infrastructure.  DeFi has captured a great deal of attention and investment in the crypto-aware niche, growing assets under management from $1 billion to $22 billion in less than a year.  Impressive as its growth has been, its current market size isn’t even a rounding error on the over $111 trillion held in traditional finance.  We’re focused on what it will take to go from billions to trillions.

Radix went back to first principles to come up with the right technical solution—the first layer-one protocol built specifically for mainstream DeFi—and we have already tested out at over 1 million transactions per second.  We’re keenly aware that the need for an infinitely scalable platform is only one prerequisite among many for mass adoption, and we’re also blazing new ground in the areas of user experiences, developer tools, and regulatory integration.

We have forged a path deep into the future of what distributed ledger technology is going to look like, together with the business case that assures adoption, and we need you to come and be part of the team that is making that happen right now. Join us!

Radix DLT Ltd Remote
May 21, 2021
Full time
What is the job? At Radix, we are looking for our first Developer Community Lead to bring together and engage with our current community of developers, and to ignite and foster a wider community of active builders around our technology. We are building the tools that will give developers what they need to create a revolution in how global finance works. Our tools will include a new and accessible programming language designed for safe finance on a decentralized ledger, an open royalty-generating repository for reusable open-source code, and a public DLT network suitable to serve as the infrastructure for global finance at scale. But a revolution needs more than just great tools. It starts with true believers who take action with those tools and set an example. To succeed, Radix must grow a community of developers who welcome and educate an ever-expanding circle.   You will begin by learning all there is to know about our planned developer experience, our platform roadmap,...