Levana stands for “Leverage Any Asset.'' The Levana protocol is currently in development to create a suite of cross platform dapps, which provide leverage for crypto and real world assets. Built on Terra, we are launching this fall with a set of leverage index tokens to provide easy access to 2x leverage, long or short, for the most popular assets in the Terra ecosystem.

Following the launch of our flexible leveraged index tokens, we will launch a tokenized perpetual swap decentralized exchange, and an options trading platform. 

The team brings lots of experience from the blockchain space combined with experience building successful applications that have been used by millions of users all over the world. Our investors have backed the most successful projects in crypto. We are well positioned to become the most used defi product of 2022. 

If you want to help build the first protocol that will achieve 1 million monthly active users, join our team as head of community management.