Trustee Wallet

Trustee Wallet is a US company in the field of decentralized technology and blockchain solutions. The Company runs business  worldwide.

Trustee Wallet is a non-custodial multi-currency crypto wallet that stores private and public keys (in pairs), provides interactions with various blockchain, and enables monitor  balance of users.

Our product is the leader among cryptocurrency wallets in Eastern Europe, and our Company is one of the most dynamically developing companies in the  crypto industry.  

Short list of Trustee advantages:

  • support for all major types of cryptocurrencies and tokens;
  • simple and convenient interface;
  • low fee;
  • fast transfer of funds to your bank card;
  • 24/7 support service; 
  • profitable referral program;
  • transaction acceleration (Trustee Booster Kit); 
  • built-in exchanger monitoring;
  • ability to hide balance;
  • support for multiple wallets;
  • Wallet Connect;
  • the ability to change the bitcoin address for each incoming transaction (HD Wallet); 
  • sending assets simultaneously to multiple addresses.

Trustee Wallet powers cryptocurrency lovers and removes barriers of using crypto for newbies.

Offer value: removes barriers to start using crypto currency and brings the process of using it to a new level.

Our mission is to implement the potential of virtual assets.

Trustee is an enthusiast of the startup culture.