Stealth Asset Manager

Two longtime investors (“Principals”) in alternative asset classes are launching a digital asset management business (“ManagementCo”). ManagementCo will initially offer a single liquid cryptocurrency and token investment vehicle (“Fund1”), with the long-term vision of offering and managing multiple sector/thematic focused funds to a variety of investors, akin to a diversified asset manager with multiple strategies. Fund1 will be a long-biased hedge fund, investing primarily in leading cryptocurrency projects and derivatives. We are targeting 30-50 names across leading crypto subsectors. Our investment process employs screening, technical project analysis, team analysis, fundamental economic analysis, project traction analysis, and trading analytics to select what we believe are the leading projects in crypto. Future funds may focus on areas such as web3, DeFi, metaverse/NFTs, illiquid PE/late-stage VC investments, and other digital asset categories. In partnership with one or more institutional asset managers as seed investors in the GP, Principals will raise $2-3 million of capital to fund expenses required to launch ManagementCo, hire 2-3 full time employees, setup the initial operational infrastructure, and provide multiple years of runway for the business while it grows AUM over time. Target launch date for ManagementCo and Fund1 is Q1 2022.