Vault12, Inc.

Vault12 is putting the power of "Threshold Cryptography" to safeguard the critical data of our enterprises. Threshold crypto is an alternative to well known Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). PKI is widely used by businesses and governments around the world, yet it is increasingly under attack from rogue states and hacker groups who are becoming very good at subverting PKI defenses via malware and other techniques that target keys and passwords.

With Threshold Cryptography, rather than using passwords and keys, critical data is encrypted in pieces that are meaningless in isolation. Only when a specific number (the threshold) of these pieces are reassembled can the original data be restored. We building mobile & desktop product stack that allows any business to keep its critical documents threshold-distributed among mobile devices owned by the enterprise.There is no data on vulnerable servers and there are no passwords to steal. It is the ultimate document security for the digital age