CryptoCake and Illuminate Hollywood are developing a high production value 24-hour Crypto TV News Channel and digital media network named CryptoCake. The channel will be devoted to emerging digital currencies, NFT's, Gaming, mining, Defi,  metaverse and NFT Real Estate information. CryptoCake will first stream on its own OTT platform and Social Media. Later on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, GoogleCast, Twitch and Roku players. All of the content for this digital currency TV channel will be produced, distributed, and owned by CryptoCake. CryptoCake plans to move into more traditional satellite and cable TV markets such as Hulu. PlutoTV , DirectTV, Time Warner, Dish and Cox Cable. 

CyrptoCake will be shooting out of our production studios Illuminate Studios which features two fully-equipped and staffed stages and live and taped production to 4K cameras, and has been used by television and feature film productions such as “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Mentalist” and “Gone Girl.” illuminate Studios combines the highest quality production values with state-of-the art hardware and software solutions. 

Jan 05, 2022
Full time
CryptoCake Remote (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Ad sales executive with connections & partnerships throughout the entire Crypto, NFT"s, New Tokens, DEX, Airdrops, Central Exchanges, Foundations, cold wallets and Marketplaces ecosystem's. Your opportunity to be part of the biggest crypto digital media channel in the world. The worlds multi digital media channel, for the worlds new financial system.  CryptoCake has an exciting opportunity for a TV ad Sales & Brand Partnerships Executive. In this role you will solicit every nook and cranny within the crypto world for creative and native ad partnerships for our OTT Platform, Social Media and world wide syndication. You will work closely with the co-founders. If you help execute, 6 or 7 figure opportunities with potential stock incentives. An entirely different ad rep will solicit non-crypto companies when we syndicate to the following media outlets: (You will be working with this person as well) This Syndication will eventually include: Direct TV Hulu...