Seven Labs LTD

Since the white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto, we have seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

And what about the self proclaimed prophets and snake oil salesmans?

We at Sevenlabs believe that this new financial paradigm should be accessible to all; and we want to help to build a world which empowers individuals to use freedom-enabling technologies, as they see fit, without asking anyone for permission.

To do so, Seven Labs empowers crypto pioneers by developing the TDEX open source protocollo for an end to end global decentralized exchange network - open interface - for faster, non-custodial and confidential trading of digital assets. 

On top of the TDEX open source infrastructure, Seven Labs builds advanced tools for professional traders and market makers.

Seven Labs LTD is among the 53 members of the Liquid Federation, the Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network designed by Blockstream that provides asset issuance capabilities, fast settlement times and transaction confidentiality for traders and exchanges.

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