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Osprey Funds is a premier digital asset investment firm, focused on building world class investment solutions across the crypto landscape. Founded and led by Greg King, an early bitcoin investor who has pioneered financial products for 20 years. Under Greg’s leadership, we are committed to providing easy and secure access to promising decentralized technologies.

We are looking for like-minded people - sharp, infinitely curious, impactful, and determined professionals who are passionate about crypto.

Mar 23, 2022
Full time
Osprey Funds
Research Analyst, Osprey Funds   Responsibilities The Osprey Research Analyst is a vital member of the Research Team and works closely with the CIO and Portfolio Manager(s) to identify the best ideas and answer important questions using creative data and analytical approaches.   Identify and extract quantitative and qualitative data from various blockchains, web-based sources, and financial sources Use analytical capabilities to identify linkages and/or create a scoring system Synthesize headlines and present results to the team (directly or via clear reports)   Qualifications Software engineering experience or equivalent blockchain/smart contract development experience Excel proficiency or other means of synthesizing data into actionable reporting Proficiency in one or more popular coding languages (SQL, C++, Python, Java, ES6, etc.) is a plus Natural Language Processing capabilities are a significant plus   Attributes...