Salad Technologies

The Salad desktop application allows gamers and everyday webizens to share latent compute resources from their idle PCs—like processing cycles, storage, or bandwidth—on a distributed network called "The Kitchen," where they can contribute to advanced computing tasks and power their passions with meaningful rewards. Every year, Salad Chefs claim over 3 million games, gift cards, subscriptions, and other digital rewards using value earned on Salad.
With their help, our network has surpassed some of the world's top supercomputers with peaks of 80 pFLOPS and counting! Since our founding in 2018, the Salad community has contributed over 8,000 years of latent processing cycles to Ethereum and other blockchain ecosystems, and donated thousands to environmental charities like #TeamTrees and 1% for the Planet. Now we're activating that robust supply of shared resources to create a decentralized and entirely people-powered cloud computing platform.
By 2025, the SaladCloud platform will offer affordable, workload-agnostic cloud computing infrastructure for virtually any use case. Whether it's bootstrapping VPN services, seeding new blockchains ("decentralization-as-a-service"), spinning up P2P gaming networks, or securely distributing a 3D rendering job to thousands of anonymous nodes, there's nothing the Salad Kitchen can't cook up.
Mar 28, 2022
Full time
$130,000 - $170,000 yearly
Salad Technologies Remote
The SaladCloud group introduces new compute workloads to the Salad ecosystem. Our distributed network has already supplied over 8,000 years of processing uptime to Ethereum and dozens of other cryptocurrency networks, and Salad users will soon contribute spare bandwidth to support some of the world’s most popular VPN services. You’ll be joining the cryptocurrency mining team within the SaladCloud group. You’ll be contributing to the design and development of integration services for our partners. You’ll work closely with our internal platform team to integrate mining workloads into our core experience. You’ll work closely with our partners to understand their unique integration requirements, and you’ll optimize the performance and reliability of our integrations. Responsibilities Work closely with the product manager, stakeholders, and partners, to help shape technical requirements and specifications Design, implement, and improve the capabilities,...