Defy Trends

You can think of Defy Trends as a simplified ‘Bloomberg terminal’ for crypto and NFTs.
We are a toolkit that aggregates millions of data points into digestible, bite-size indicators that allow you to get a holistic view of the market, all in one place. We bring the pieces of the puzzle together.
What does this mean? We built a tool that makes data-backed investment decisions for crypto and NFTs easy. Defy Trends allows you to spot new investment opportunities, compare coins to one another, deeply understand digital asset concepts, and include crypto into your existing portfolio.
How do we do this? We listen to every drop of information - both on-chain and off-chain and package it into actionable, reliable data insights. Our robust educational platform guides our users in their crypto and NFT trading journey.
And why do we do this? Because millions of people are afraid of entering the crypto space simply because they don’t understand it.
Our mission? To empower people in making data-backed investment decisions. At Defy Trends, we are breaking down barriers to entry.