Last Mile Finance

Emerging economies suffer from unequal participation and inclusion in the global financial and digital economies. A lack of core infrastructure and basic access alongside local instability poses a barrier to empowering billions of human beings from sharing their gifts with the rest of the world. The confluence of Decentralized Blockchain and cheap mobile devices, presents an opportunity to provide essential access to financial services and stable currencies to the 1.7billion unbanked globally. The mission of Last Mile Finance is to provide banking and digital payment services to the unbanked and underbanked and remove the preliminary barriers for anyone who wants to participate in the digital economy.

Last Mile Finance plans to release its first product, Coinclip, over the summer of 2022. Coinclip will be focused on providing users in the Caribbean access to dollar backed Stablecoins, a pre-paid card, and other digital assets through a mobile wallet. Our goal: Give our users access to participate in the global digital economy, and make digital assets useful.