Groma is one part real-estate firm, one part tech-startup. Our mission is to build cities better. We have two arms to our business. One focuses on acquiring, renovating and developing buildings in the cities where we operate. And the other focuses on enabling people to own parts of their city as it grows and develops around them.

The first part of business is already scaling rapidly. Groma owns and operates 30+ buildings throughout the Greater Boston Area, on track to double that by year’s end. To accomplish that second part of our mission, we’re launching the world’s first real estate backed cryptocurrency later this year. We expect it to achieve a few key goals:

  • Enable more people to own more real estate, whether you have $1 or $1,000,000.
  • Increase participation in local development to guide better development decisions.
  • Provide an independently-governed, anti-inflationary currency backed 1:1 by real estate, combining the best elements of cryptocurrencies with a stable, predictable asset.

And we need to do all this in a way that’s user-friendly, intuitive, compliant with all necessary regulations, and leverages existing, battle-tested standards and technology so it can scale up big.

These are some lofty goals, but we’ve got a good idea of how to get there and are looking for passionate, creative people to join our team and help us build great products, develop great properties, and scale our vision to the world.