We turn real estate properties into NFTs

May 03, 2022
Full time
$80,000 - $180,000 yearly
Fabrica Remote
About us We turn real estate properties into NFTs Imagine buying a house, refinancing your mortgage, investing and running a real estate portfolio without paperwork and rubber stamps. At Fabrica we make this possible: we make real estate programmable. Trade your (real!) land on OpenSea, leverage your real estate portfolio on DeFi, finance and use your house in novel ways that have yet to be discovered. We are radical innovators: we focus on long-term impact and settling for incremental improvements is against our nature. We embrace that we’re on the forefront of this opportunity to solve complex regulatory issues. We have the grit, passion and determination to build something incredible. We're backed by impressive VCs and angel investors like Mark Cuban, OpenSea, Sound Ventures, Urban Innovation Fund, Anthemis and Pioneer Fund that support us in the exciting quest of bringing the largest asset class in the world on chain. The opportunity As head of...