The blockchain scalability trilemma states a blockchain must be scalable, decentralized and secure but existing blockchains can only meet 2 of the criteria, not all 3. The Shardeum Foundation is building the worlds first EVM compatible dynamically sharded layer 1 smart contract platform to solve the scalability trilemma. Shardeum is co-founded by Nischal Shetty, Founder & CEO, WazirX, and Omar Syed, Founder of Shardus, the underlying technology used to build Shardeum

May 05, 2022
Full time
Shardeum Remote (United States)
About the Company : The Shardeum Foundation is building an open source, smart contract platform that scales linearly through dynamic sharding. Shardeum is an EVM compatible Layer 1 blockchain. Founded by Nischal Shetty and Omar Syed, it aims to onboard over a billion people to the blockchain and crypto revolution. The principles of OCC, i.e. Open, Collaborative, Community are at the core of the Foundation. We work on the models of open source and community driven - all the code will be open source and the community is an integral part of the development and decision making processes. The Role : Build the content strategy for a fast growing web 3.0 company. You will not just be at the epicenter of the blockchain revolution but also help grow the ecosystem. Lead the content vertical across different channels to grow brand voice and create awareness for the foundation’s projects. Create a content architecture that aligns with the Foundation’s community driven...