Zion is a creator platform built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

We designed it to facilitate the free, open flow of content and payments between creators and their audiences at scale. 

Zion leverages the functionality of the , the built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Each Zion user is linked to the network via a decentralized web node that acts as a secure, private server (accessible only by private key), granting individuals absolute and irrevocable custody over their data. This means that no individual user can use another’s data to manipulate their experience on the platform. Instead, each Zion user has an equal opportunity to earn income by bringing value to the network: whether an artist drops a hotly-anticipated track or a fan posts a clever meme, both are incentivized to upload content that other users love.

  • Our relay combines 3 core elements that are currently broken on the centralized web.
    • Identity
    • Messaging & Data Storage w/ Decentralized Web Nodes
    • Payments using The Lightning Network