Director of Client Engagement Funding Service and Operations

  • Kraken
  • Remote
  • Feb 24, 2022
Full time Customer Service Finance Management Operations Pays in Crypto

Job Description

About the Role
We’re known for providing great service and offering a wide variety of funding options for our clients globally. This role is responsible for improving our reputation for great service and making sure that our funding operations and services are best in the industry.

Funding is a foundational piece of Kraken’s offering, and we are looking for someone who can take us to the next level on funding service and ops. The role oversees all the client facing team members who specialize in funding-related activity including fiat and crypto. Additionally, it also runs all the day to day funding operations including liaising with all our global banking and payment partners. We have hundreds of bank accounts globally and dozens of these relationships.


  • Know global banking and payment provider processes and best practices from having worked in a high risk payments environment for 5+ years
  • Be able to manage a team of 100+ people and be able to prove it by having successfully managed similarly sized teams
  • Have worked in at least one rapidly scaling environment
  • Be passionate about a great client experience and a good support agent experience
  • Have familiarity with crypto transactions and/or blockchain technology
  • Have worked in or had deep exposure to fraud prevention, mitigation, and investigation
  • Awareness/knowledge of global AML/KYC compliance 
  • Great communication/stakeholder management skills including being an extremely proactive communicator
  • Highly data driven but also able to take qualitative inputs into consideration
  • Highly KPI focused to a point where people have actually complained about how focused on the numbers you are
  • Proactive and decisive leader who can act on limited information when necessary and make risk based choices
  • Growth and revenue focused
  • Be up for taking on projects outside of your area as needed
  • Motivated by the mission of accelerating crypto adoption
  • Be extremely tech savvy 


  • Lead 100+ members of Kraken’s client engagement funding teams in delivering a 6-Star client experience 
  • Execute complex, long-term projects that have many stakeholders and advance Kraken Service 
  • Manage risk by making thoughtful decisions in uncertain environments
  • Establish processes that drive amazing client interactions resulting in Kraken Evangelists
  • Take an active role in protecting clients and the company’s privacy, data, and funds 
  • Listen to Kraken Clients and make data driven decisions that further the client experience
  • Reevaluate support processes aiming to improve client experience and increase efficiency
  • Drive key performance indicators; including team operating efficiencies & client satisfaction
  • Communicate with internal and external partners in an effective, tactical, and insightful manner
  • Utilize an in-depth understanding of funding metrics to make sound business decisions
  • Continuously add value through effective project management, dedicated prioritization and efficient execution
  • Proactively drive impactful changes across funding workflows, policies and tools by working with internal departments and external payment and banking providers

Nice to have

  • SQL skills and an interest in getting and working with data on your own (as opposed to relying on a data analyst team member)