Automation Engineer

  • BitMEX
  • Hong Kong
  • Aug 22, 2021
Full time Engineering - Backend

Job Description

BitMEX explores, incubates and pursues opportunities and investments, as part of its mission to reshape the modern digital financial system into one which is inclusive and empowering. 

The BitMEX infrastructure team sits at the core of the business and is responsible for the reliability and scalability of all the services that power the BitMEX platform and its developers. As the BitMEX trading platform handles ten of thousands of low latency transactions per second, representing several billions of dollars traded every day.

As a Delivery Engineer, you will be working with some of the most cutting edge technology in the DevOps and CI/CD space.  You will help drive the design and implementation of systems and tools that will enable us to build, test and deliver software to our stacks reliably, securely and efficiently.  You will be working closely with our SRE team to ensure our CI/CD stack is always available and able to scale quickly as needs ramp up, and you will also work closely with our Security team to ensure our systems design is bulletproof against any potential threats from all areas while serving our developer’s needs.


  • Work with BitMEX engineering leads to design and lead continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) best practices

  • Scale our delivery pipelines by extracting common patterns and templatizing them

  • Enforcing good testing practice by designing tests against changes on sandbox environments before applying changes that will affect all our engineers.

  • Enforce security practices and controls in current and future BitMEX infrastructure.

  • Develop and maintain identity and access management controls across our delivery tools

  • Enable our engineer teams to deliver software with higher confidence by assisting them with integrating tests to our canary deployment pipelines

  • Increase the efficiency of our delivery process through assessing where we spend the most time and providing guidance to our engineers on how to improve delivery time.

  • Performing delivery pipeline audits and embrace software development good practices, while evangelizing to the rest of engineering teams to follow these practices.


  • You are proficient in at least on of the following language: Python, Golang, Node.JS or similar

  • You have worked with one or more of the following CI tool as an admin: Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, TravisCI, etc

  • You have worked with one or more of the following CD tools: Spinnaker, FluxCD, ArgoCD, Concourse, etc)

  • You have a good understanding of infrastructure automation (Chef, SaltStack, Ansible, Puppet)  and Terraform

  • You have good knowledge of Amazon Web Services, GCP, OpenShift and general Cloud infrastructure security.

  • You understand Chaos Engineer and its role in software delivery

  • Demonstrated experience writing scripts or pipeline that deploys changes to a production environment

  • Comfortable operating across a wide variety of platforms and technologies.

  • Comfortable managing a complex global infrastructure as code - managing configuration changes centrally.