Senior Researcher

  • Rocketplace
  • Remote
  • Jul 21, 2021
Full time Marketing Media-Journalism Research

Job Description

About the role

You are the voice of Rocketplace to the ecosystem, and the voice of the ecosystem to Rocketplace. Your work will be consumed by top investors, entrepreneurs, traders, and companies in the crypto and finance industries. You will be responsible for staying up to date on the bleeding edge of crypto and analyzing data for monthly research pieces, and weekly media appearances.


  • Spearhead Rocketplaces’s cryptocurrency research efforts. 
  • Unpack industry developments, monitor market trends, and develop differentiated content based on research, analytics, and related insights.
  • Provide buy or sell recommendations to investors and customers. 
  • Measure the content strategy effectiveness of the business.
  • Lead content ideation, dissemination strategy, and brand awareness initiatives.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key media outlets and contacts.

About you…

  • Track record (3-5 years) providing analysis focused on an institutional or retail audience.
  • Strong knowledge of cryptocurrencies, the financial services industry, market structure and the overall digital asset ecosystem.
  • Excellent communication skills and proven ability to translate data into compelling stories.
  • Solid quantitative and analytical skills, including comfort manipulating large data sets in Python, SQL, and Excel.
  • Startup mentality, willing to work across the organization to get things done.
  • Highly analytical, data-driven in every way.
  • Strong background in performing and presenting research.

Rocketplace Values

Measure Twice, Cut Once.
We have a passion for excellence and craftsmanship and understand that great skill often takes a lifetime to hone. We push ourselves to move fast but we have a long road ahead. We want to be thoughtful, minimize needless mistakes, and break as few things as possible.

Defy Gravity.
Reaching escape velocity is hard and speed matters. It takes great teamwork, a lot of planning, resources, belief, and even then you are going to have more than one unanticipated explosion along the way. People will tell us it can’t be done or that it is easier to stay on the ground but we must have the resilience to persevere.

Bring ‘em home.
We set very high standards in pursuit of our mission but we must never lose sight of what is important: our customers, our values, and our fellow teammates. To build something great we must build it together, challenge each other along the way, and commit to getting the job done.

Be a pioneer.
We believe in a future that looks different to how it looks today and to reach different we need to think differently. We must have the mindset to learn and the confidence, creativity, passion and perseverance to build the future we want in the world.

Think Intergalactic.
This journey will be long and we can not afford to think small. We must think many, many steps ahead while always looking to build a strong foundation today. We must build for decades, not dollars and never sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.

Quis serves ipsos servus (who serves the servant).
We must be constant in our customer focus. Our customers are in the business of serving their clients, and our mission is to earn their trust and serve them in every way that we can.