Senior Software Engineer, iOS

  • Wilder World
  • Remote
  • Feb 28, 2022
Full time Engineering Remote

Job Description


ZERO enables the creation of sovereign, decentralized, and virtual communities, organizations and nations. 

ZERO provides a beautifully designed collaboration OS and suite of Web3 protocols that enable communities to: 

  • Communicate: Create encrypted communication channels and video calls
  • Trade: Create, auction and exchange community currencies and NFTs
  • Collaborate: Reward contributors with crypto-bounties and experience points (XP)
  • Govern: Deploy, manage and automate DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations)
  • Play: Meet your friends in the Metaverse within a fully persistent 3D universe

ZERO's first official Universe is Wilder World: An immersive 3D Metaverse built with NFTs (think Ready Player One).


Organizational structure:

  • ZERO is organized as a collection of highly specialized DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) built on ZERO
  • The Mobile DAO is looking for a highly skilled and experienced software engineer for our mobile iOS products
  • As a member of the Mobile DAO you will be focused on ZERO's primary iOS app and suite of mobile applications; including but not limited to Feed, Chat, Tasks, Exchange, and Marketplace

As part of your focus you will:

  • Lead complex technical projects involving many designers, engineers, and product stakeholders 
  • Work closely with product, design, and blockchain/p2p DAOs to build new and innovative experiences for ZERO's iOS application
  • Work closely with Product and UX DAOs to define human-centered feature requirements
  • Implement native human-centered interfaces using the latest iOS programming tools and technique
  • Build reusable components for iOS that interface with ZERO's primary API and protocol SDKs
  • Analyze and optimize UI and application code for efficiency, quality, performance, security and scale
  • Implement unit tests, automated tests and automated deployment systems to ensure systems are working properly
  • Perform code reviews and contribute to building clean, logical and readable codebases
  • Create iOS focused architectural and human-centered technical specifications
  • Contribute to the open source ecosystem


  • B.S. Computer Science, related technical field, or equivalent experience (i.e., dropout or self-taught)
  • 5+ years of full stack software engineering experience
  • 3+ years experience building complex applications for the iOS, including iPhone or iPad using Objective-C/C++/Swift with the iOS SDK and other frameworks
  • Experiencing in working with scalable and production grade code bases
  • Experience working with customer focused application development
  • Experience working with SQL, GraphQL, key value stores and large datasets
  • Experience with multithreading programming and mobile memory management
  • Experience in designing, developing and deploying features from end-to-end
  • Experience utilizing object oriented software design patterns
  • Experience with automated testing frameworks and test driven development 

Bonus Points: 

  • Working with Web3 technologies (e.g., dApp architecture, Solidity, Smart Contracts)
  • Interest in the emerging set of blockchain-based use-cases/technologies (including DAOs, NFTs, DeFi and Layer 2s)
  • Experience with security best practices, in the domain of cryptography, dev ops and hacking
  • Experience working in a venture funded startup, successful crypto project and/or big tech
  • Low level programming or embedded systems programming
  • Functional programming experience


1: Mastery:

  • You aspire to become a master of your creative craft. No detail is too small, no new skill is out of reach, no problem is too difficult to pursue. You understand that with time, focus, and energy that you have the capacity to create anything. Perfection is never achieved, it is a continuous pursuit.

2: Coherence: 

  • We are not alone but part of a connected whole. We must learn to work together. Alone we can go fast, but together we can go far.

3: Continuous Delivery:

  • Until your work is touched by others it is merely an illusion. It is through continually manifesting your ideas into physical form that you are able to see and improve them. All art is finished by the viewer.

4: Love: 

  • Despite your technical or artistic brilliance, you know that ones and zeros alone cannot save us. It is only through love that we can build a better world.  With love, anything is possible.


ZERO's mission is to empower creators to build new societal systems that are sovereign, open and decentralized. Though our suite of Web3 protocols, platforms and apps, we make it easy for developers, creatives, and everyday humans to create and scale distributed and virtual organizations. 

To learn more about ZERO: 

To learn more about Wilder World: