Research Analyst

  • Osprey Funds
  • Mar 23, 2022
Full time Blockchain Engineering - Data Portfolio Management Research

Job Description

Research Analyst, Osprey Funds



The Osprey Research Analyst is a vital member of the Research Team and works closely with the CIO and Portfolio Manager(s) to identify the best ideas and answer important questions using creative data and analytical approaches.


  • Identify and extract quantitative and qualitative data from various blockchains, web-based sources, and financial sources
  • Use analytical capabilities to identify linkages and/or create a scoring system
  • Synthesize headlines and present results to the team (directly or via clear reports)



  • Software engineering experience or equivalent blockchain/smart contract development experience
  • Excel proficiency or other means of synthesizing data into actionable reporting
  • Proficiency in one or more popular coding languages (SQL, C++, Python, Java, ES6, etc.) is a plus
  • Natural Language Processing capabilities are a significant plus



  • Desire to be creative and flexible with data
  • Team player with a passion for crypto 
  • Self-starter and excellent project management skills
  • Comfortable with trying out new ideas, failing fast, solutioning, and navigating unknowns



Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is a plus

Demonstrated professional or hobbyist interest in crypto