VP of Marketing, Flow Platform

  • Dapper Labs
  • Mar 23, 2022

Job Description

We are looking for a VP Marketing for our Flow Platform. Most people know the Flow blockchain as home to Dapper Labs’ breakout sports collectibles hits: NBA TopShot, UFC, and soon, the NFL and La Liga, among others. Beyond sports, Flow is home to pop-culture dapps like Dr Seuss NFTs and Genies avatars donning beloved fashion brands. Flow was famously born out of a blockchain game so user-friendly – CryptoKitties – that it temporarily jammed up the Ethereum network. And this was before Flow’s architects made NFTs a household phrase.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: best-in-class, built by the people and for the future, Flow is home to global creative communities creating incredible experiences for all to engage with the richness and power of composable products – and the communities they live in. It’s open and accessible, powerful and empowering – the blockchain where culture happens. 

The ideal candidate will establish Flow not only as the largest and most innovative, consumer-scale ecosystem in Web3 and blockchain, but as a world class brand. You will lead and grow a world class team of marketers and content experts. You will set the strategic vision for the platform from the lens of marketing and do so in a way that resonates in industry as innovative, daring and at times, radical.

Designed as the foundation for the open metaverse, your leadership will make Flow the face of Web3 for the next billion consumers, and build on our community as the beloved home to the most talented developers. Come join us on the incredible journey!

What We’ll Accomplish Together:

  • Lead, mentor and hire a global team of marketing professionals to execute on goals and objectives through a myriad of innovative marketing campaigns.
  • Partner with executive leadership and members of the Flow organization to amplify current success channels and emerging platforms to define our brand.
  • Develop a clear and innovative marketing roadmap and strategy for internal execution.
  • Leverage the full constellation of content platforms to bring marketing content, assets and related material to market.
  • Develop a robust framework for marketing KPIs and metrics specific to the strategic north star of what Flow represents in the market.
  • Bring storytelling, purpose and vision to a wide range of marketing campaigns that speak to the diverse range of individuals who will bring their apps, games and services to Flow both presently and in the future.
  • Define and cystalize the value proposition of Flow from a marketing perspective in ways that engage and delight viewers that engage with the material.
  • Tell the story of Flow both of the moment we are in and beyond and leverage every possible visual and written channel to do it in a way that is innovative and bold.

A Little About You

  • You’ve led or built amazing ecosystem and/or community brands with technology at their core.
  • You have been directly responsible for award winning marketing campaigns that have been recognized in industry as genre defining.
  • Professional working experience with all facets of a marketing organization, from growth and lifecycle management to the many dimensions of creative content.
  • You’ve hired, managed, and developed a large team of marketing professionals.
  • You have the knowledge or intellectual curiosity to understand the potential of Web 3 in addition to the intricacies of blockahing.
  • Plus for developer marketing experience.
  • You have a deep affinity for for storytelling and connecting with humans
  • As a leader, you have a blend of characteristics that point towards themes of creativity, innovation and inclusion.
More about Dapper Labs:

Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, UFC Strike and the Flow blockchain, uses blockchain technology to bring NFTs and new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world paving the way to a more open and inclusive digital world starting with games and entertainment.

Since it was founded in 2018, Dapper Labs has given consumer enthusiasts a real stake in the game by bringing them closer to the brands they love, building engaged and exciting communities for them to contribute to, and producing new pathways for them to become creators themselves. Dapper Labs' current studio partners include the NBA, NBPA, WNBA, WNBPA, LaLiga, NFL, NFLPA, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Genies, and UFC. We have raised over $600M from leading and notable investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Coatue, Union Square Ventures, Venrock, Google Ventures (GV), Samsung, and the founders of Dreamworks, Reddit, Coinbase, Zynga, and AngelList, among others.

Dapper Labs is accelerating the move to Web3 by building new apps and platforms that enable great user experiences while being accessible to hundreds of millions of fans of organizations like the NBA and NFL, for example. We’re ready to empower even more to bring mainstream-ready user experiences and scale to web3 applications.

Visit our website to learn even more about Dapper Labs, including information about benefits and perks.