Head of Marketing

$80,000 - $180,000 yearly
  • Fabrica
  • Remote
  • May 03, 2022
Full time DeFi Marketing NFT

Job Description

About us

We turn real estate properties into NFTs

Imagine buying a house, refinancing your mortgage, investing and running a real estate portfolio without paperwork and rubber stamps. At Fabrica we make this possible: we make real estate programmable.

Trade your (real!) land on OpenSea, leverage your real estate portfolio on DeFi, finance and use your house in novel ways that have yet to be discovered.

We are radical innovators: we focus on long-term impact and settling for incremental improvements is against our nature. We embrace that we’re on the forefront of this opportunity to solve complex regulatory issues. We have the grit, passion and determination to build something incredible.

We're backed by impressive VCs and angel investors like Mark Cuban, OpenSea, Sound Ventures, Urban Innovation Fund, Anthemis and Pioneer Fund that support us in the exciting quest of bringing the largest asset class in the world on chain.

The opportunity

As head of marketing, you’ll define the marketing programs and communication strategy to position the company and drive adoption of our products.

You’re starting with a clean slate. We’re humble, have never done any PR and have an unused Twitter handle because we’ve been focused on building an amazing platform. We trust your expertise in brand building and product marketing to introduce us to the world.

You'll work closely with the CEO to define the strategy and will have full autonomy to craft the messages, define the target audiences and determine the best ways to engage them. You'll manage external resources to execute your plan and, as the company grows, you'll grow a team under your leadership.

You'll learn how the current real estate industry runs on a broken system and discover the massive opportunity ahead of us. You'll convey the message of how NFTs unlock opportunities in real estate and how we lead this generational shift. You’ll do it with a bold, concise, and effective narrative.

You'll plan product launches to drive adoption and initiatives to foster growth.

The team

You’ll join a team where everyone - including you - is passionate, bullish on crypto and fully committed to change the real estate industry. Together, our experience within tech, product development, real estate and financial services give us an edge.

Your role is crucial for our success and we'll have your back in every moment: our expertise, time and authentic engagement will be at your disposal to enable you to execute at your best. You’ll be surrounded by a team that will risk, develop, and grow in both good and challenging times. We succeed together.

We are a Startup: as one of the first members of the team you’ll face uncertainty, limited resources and problems that - at first - seem impossible to solve. But you’ll also get the extreme gratification and sense of achievement of epic adventures.


You are passionate about all things web3, and your wallet proves it. You HODL, farm in DeFi, and you experiment with new projects as they come out. You've been rugged. You're well connected in the community: you’re a known name in Discords, you DM with OGs, you have an alt account (don’t worry we won’t ask).

You're both fun, professional and empathetic.

You want to grow in the web3 industry, working on a meaningful project. Most importantly, you believe that crypto has the potential to change the way we interact with the world.

You're able to define a high level strategy and you also enjoy turning it in action: you love seeing and sharing the results of your hard work. You can find and manage external resources but you’re willing to do things yourself. You can build and manage a team when the time comes.

You can navigate speaking to different audiences: you can talk nerdy as well as teach someone with an AOL email address about wallet security.

Maybe you haven’t been exposed to real estate. Ideally, you understand how the industry operates, its jargon, and who the big players are. But it’s not required.

Your skill set

  • 5+ years experience in marketing

  • experience or exposure to a wide range of marketing fields including corporate, SEO, performance, advertising, social media mgmt with an emphasis on brand, product and growth

  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • strong creator of compelling messages for different segments

  • excellent copywriting skills

  • excellent storytelling ability

  • strong project management and prioritization skills

  • BA/BS in marketing or related field, or equivalent work experience

  • [preferred] experience with content development and website design

  • [preferred] experience in the real estate or finance industry

Your next year

Within one month you will:

  • have mapped of all the major real estate crypto projects

  • discover about the "land investors" segment and how we leverage it

  • have defined the new marketing and communication strategy

  • present the marketing roadmap to the rest of the team

Within three months you will:

  • have shipped, working with an external designer or firm, our new company website

  • lead a product launch

  • make Fabrica memetic

  • organize an agenda of events to attend and speak at

Within six months you will

  • have positioned us as thought leaders

  • roll out product marketing initiatives to increase the number of properties and buyers

  • be ramping up your team with your first hire

Within twelve months you will

  • have promoted the launch of our token

  • be working on a co-marketing strategy with other companies running on our protocol

  • have established our brand in the crypto space: everyone should know our project