Generalist Gameplay Programmer (TEA)

  • Dapper Labs
  • May 06, 2022

Job Description

We’re looking for a Mid to Senior Generalist Programmer to join our team on a variety of projects.You will join a team of experienced game developers and help shape the future of how games interact with NFTs.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about games development, ensuring that the players have the greatest experience possible.

What we’ll accomplish together:

  • Create and maintain a variety of games, tools and SDKs.
  • Develop tools to support the functionalities of other Disciplines (AI, 3D, sound, animation, etc.)
  • Program in a clear manner that is easy to read and maintain while ensuring performance and functionality of the systems are within the designed limits.
  • Monitor performance and memory budgets.
  • Debug and optimize already existing tools, systems and games.
  • Document architecture for new systems and tools.
  • Communicate and co-develop with team members of different disciplines.
  • Work as an individual and as a group to problem solve creative and engineering challenges.

A little about you:

  • 2+ years as a Gameplay or Generalist programmer.
  • Knowledge and experience in Agile methodologies.
  • Ability to work within a team with a variety of disciplines.
  • Able to help create and deliver games and prototypes to stakeholders and customers.
  • Goal focused mentality, and can quickly adapt and pivot as per the requirements and new information of the project being undertaken.

Bonus points if you have the following:

  • 2+ years in the games development industry
  • Experience in Unity or Unreal Engine.
  • Good experience in C++/C#, Node JS.