Senior Blockchain Protocol Engineer (copy)

  • Chain
  • Chicago, IL
  • May 25, 2022

Job Description

Chain is looking for an experienced and highly motivated Senior Blockchain Protocol Engineer.

We're expanding the team of Blockchain Engineers working on Chain Core and Sequence, our high-performance blockchain and ledger-as-a-service product.

Chain is an award-winning technology company that specializes in blockchain related services and software with production ready products in the market. 

As an engineer, you are someone who:

  • 3+years in Blockchain Protocol Engineering experience preferred
  • Understands the value of clarity and test coverage in your code and optimize for maintainability.
  • Has a deep understanding of Blockchains and all of the accompanying Cryptography Primitives (Public Key Cryptography, Merkel Trees, UTXO/Account models etc.)
  • Is excited about Distributed Systems and are able to articulate the tradeoffs systems have to make when operating in a distributed environment (CAP, Linerizability, Consistency, Availability etc.).
  • Is comfortable and enjoys working on Systems and low-level stuff (Network Layer - DPDK, File Systems etc.)
  • Is able to tie together high level requirements around Latency, Throughput back with what needs to happen at the System Level

Key Requirements

  • Demonstrated excellence in software engineering including exposure to blockchains, distributed systems, scalability, and algorithms
  • Demonstrated excellence in a Systems Language such as Rust, Golang, C/C++, Elixir, Erlang
  • Demonstrated technical design capabilities, architecting complex technical features despite ever-evolving product requirements
  • Knowledge of Basic Crypto Primitives (Public Key Cryptography, Transaction Signing & Verification etc.)
  • Experience with technical leadership of engineering teams including mentorship and coaching
  • Excited about joining an Ego Free environment that moves quickly and Values and Provides Constructive Feedback
  • (Optional) Knowledge of more advanced Crypto Techniques (Schnorr Signatures, Edwards Curve etc.)
  • MSc/PhD and/or relevant experience preferred for this role
As a great fit candidate, you are someone who has experience working on complex, distributed systems/blockchains in systems languages such as Rust, Golang, C/C++.

You are someone who is happy building tooling and infrastructure that will be used by other engineers and enterprises in complex business cases and are empathetic towards this need.

The compensation package will include an industry competitive salary and bonuses linked to company performance. The benefits include unlimited PTO, parental leave, food catering, and health(varies by region). The position is a remote position. 

If you are interested in joining a serious blockchain startup with global ambitions, apply via lever today.